To fulfill the promise of Americans with Disabilities Act, ensuring people with disabilities have equal opportunity to participate in the many services provided from our Litchfield Elementary School District website, we have adopted a leading-edge Web Accessibility solution called AudioEye. 


When not coded properly, websites can be difficult or impossible to access by people that rely on assistive technologies to navigate the digital world. Websites must be designed, developed, and maintained in a manner that accommodates users with diverse abilities - in a manner that focuses on user-first, universal design principles.

In the same sense that a building must provide certain physical accommodations - ramps, rails, wide doorways, elevators - websites should provide accommodations in the digital space.

Our new website has been built ADA compliant by Finalsite.  In addition, we are partnering with AudioEye for continued compliance.


The AudioEye solution aims to improve the usability of the web - providing everyone with an optimal, customizable, and fully inclusive digital experience.

First and foremost, the AudioEye technology helps ensure that our website is optimized to provide an accessible user experience by conforming to WCAG 2.0 Level AA. In addition, the AudioEye technology includes a toolbar, which includes a suite of free assistive web personalization utilities that allow our users to customize their user experience.  

To learn more about the accessibility features of the Ally Toolbar, please visit

Please contact or call 623-535-6000 for questions or concerns regarding web accessibility for the Litchfield Elementary School District website and pages.